Is Graphic Design The Best Way To Make Money Online?

Working as a freelance designer is a popular way for artists to make a living online, but is it the best way? Many artists get frustrated when they see other online workers making multiples of what they bring in, sometimes while working less hours. This can lead to soul-searching and questioning whether one’ profession is indeed the right fit.

In this post I will be looking at a few of the most popular ways that people are making money online and how they compare to working as a designer. Please keep in mind that I am not recommending any of these careers or business opportunities, but merely discussing their benefits and drawbacks from my personal vantage point.

Also remember that before you get involved in and sort of online business or money making scheme that you should always research it extensively to ensure that it is legitimate. Furthermore, bear in mind that any business you get involved with will involve risks including the risk of losing money, so be prepared for that going in and realize that there is no guarantee of income. This post is for entertainment only and we are certainly not guaranteeing income in any way, shape or form!

Way To Make Money #1 – Graphic Design

If you are reading this blog then chances are that you work as a graphic designer or in a related design field. As such you are probably already well aware of some of the benefits and drawbacks of a career in design.

As I see it one of the great benefits is that you get to express your creativity and use skills that often receive accolades and admiration from others. On the negative side you may have to deal with unpleasant clients, and settle for pay which is below what you feel you may deserve.

Way To Make Money #2 – Network Marketing

Network marketing can be a great way to make money because it can offer massive compensation, particularly when you are able to build a strong “down-line” which you can in turn profit from without doing much if any work at all. In cases where your team is producing enough sales to pay your bills then working in network marketing can be more like owning a business than having a job. When you consider the compensation offered by a company like the Aspire Business System it is easy to see why so many people are so eager to get involved with this type of a business. This being said it is also important to remember that most people who try network marketing fail miserable, so before getting starting in this industry you should consider if it is truly a good fit for your personality.

Way To Make Money #3 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to network marketing in that you make money by earning commissions. However most affiliate programs don’t have multi-layer commission structures, so that means that you cannot rely on a down-line to generate sales on your behalf. Another drawback to affiliate marketing is that most companies you work with provide affiliates with very little training, so it is on you to be a self-starter and to educate yourself on topics like traffic generation and tracking in order to succeed.

Affiliate marketing is not without some great benefits though. This business model allows you a great deal of autonomy. In fact it may be entirely possible to earn a full time income as an affiliate without ever needing to speak with anyone over the phone or in person!

Way To Make Money #4 – Become a Star On YouTube

As you may know YouTube is an amazingly popular website where many people are becoming what is known as “YouTube Stars”. These days you don’t need to get cast on a TV show in Hollywood to get famous, instead you can just start a YouTube channel. Although it should go without saying that most people who start YouTube channels don’t get famous at all. However there are also many other lesser known ways to make money on YouTube. For instance many affiliate marketers make videos to promote products and services like in this video about Manifestation Miracle. Other entrepreneurs simply try to make ad revenue from there videos without trying to get famous or create a following. Definitely a lot of possibilities!

I don’t see any big downside to making money on YouTube other than the fact that by building a business on a third party platform you are subject to their whims and decisions which could end up negatively effecting you down the road.

Way To Make Money #5 – Surveys And Odd Jobs

Finally, some people make money online by taking online surveys and doing odd jobs on websites like Fiverr. This doesn’t seem appealing since it requires working with many clients (in the case of fiverr) or wasting time taking long, boring surveys that typically don’t pay much. However there are those who seeminly have found a way to make these activities worthwhile, so if you find them interesting why not give them a shot.