Meeting Men As A Graphic Designer [5 Tips]

A career in the world of graphic design can give a young lady many opportunities to meet and work with eligible bachelors. But unless you are already a master seductress you may need a refresher course on how to attract the man of your dreams.

Do you know what men secretly want? The video above has some good tips, but here are a few more helpful bits of advice on how to make a good impression on a man you’d like to date.

Let’s be real, dating a man is probably the easiest way now to get to know him so that you can determine whether you think he’s be a good partner to have in your life. Sure, it’s undeniably very romantic to spend the evening gazing into his eyes, sipping wine and having him had feed you raw oysters. But ladies, before you land a date with Mr Dreamboat there is a bit of groundwork that you must first lay.

Tip 1. Do not pretend to be somebody you are not.

I know you may have a lot of insecurities when it comes to your body, skin, family background or dating history. But it’s always better to me honest rather than trying to hide behind a mask. Because this way you can really measure a guy’s interest in the real you. Also, if you started the conversation bragging about false facts and unreal achievements, you are beginning to create expectations that may eventually disappoint the guy and hurt you.

2. Be mindful of what you wear and how you look.

Some women are unsure about wearing daring clothes, but if it’s really your personality, it’s okay. Just wear clothes you are comfortable with so you can also act comfortably, but not too comfortable as it is always important to look presentable. And if you are serious about finding a solid man with husband potential then remember that most classy guys are intimidated or just plain turned off by a girl with body piercing or tattoos all over her body.

3. Turn off your phone.

If you keep on looking at your phone and even replying to messages when a guy is trying to talk to you he might think you aren’t interested in him. Focus on him and how you can build the connection through conversation.

4. Don’t drink too much.

Happy hour is great place to meet professional men, but drinking too much alcohol can really turn off a guy. It makes you look sloppy and like you may have a serious drinking problem.

5. Maintain the conversation.

Try to ask more questions about him, his hobbies, his family, etc. Appreciate what he does and don’t judge or argue with him. Show him that you are interested in his life, and that you have a sincere interest in becoming part of it!

Latest Graphic Design Trends

2015 is fast approaching and who knows what the upcoming year is going to be bringing as such, we take a close look at some of the most prevalent graphic trends that made their way to our screens this year.

1. Flat design

This year, there was no room for visual ambiguity and hitches in communication. The flat design has permeated a world of websites and apps, and it is plain to see that shades, bevelled edges, and reflections are now considered a throwback. Skeuomorphism has been thrown out the window as perhaps it has been assumed that the digital era has been around long enough for people to know that the radio on their device is not actually a real radio. Enough said.

2. 3D printing

2014 also saw the ever-increasing pervasiveness of 3D printing. That said, it is safe to say that the concept of creating dimension has not entirely been discounted despite the rise of flat design. Because more user friendly systems have been developed as of late, a growing number of graphic designers have gotten on board with 3D design and 3D printed typography. Something tells us that this is a trend that is going to carry over even to next year. From storefronts to cinema listings to book covers, it is interesting to see what else can be printed with the use of 3D technology as it continues to progress.

3. Offline manifestations

These days, the graphic design industry is no longer confined to gadgets and devices, its results have also made their way to public spaces and advertising boards in cities, towns, and entire countries. The digital world has truly invaded almost every aspect of our lives not just on paper, but in the real world as well.

4. Authenticity

Despite the ability that technology affords us of being able to remove all of our flaws with one flick of a finger, it is ironic that nowadays, it has now become commonplace to display things as they are. It is likely that this is due to the emotional response that it manages to elicit from audiences and consumers. People want to be able to identify with what they see on screen and this year, graphic designers gave them exactly that.

5. Quirky Typography

There is no shortage to the number of fonts that graphic designers can choose from these days and perhaps that is why there has been a rise in the popularity of creating unique fonts that will stand out.